We’ve identified the gaps experienced by Finance and Tax Leaders within organisations in fulfilling Tax accountabilities and are well-positioned to help fill those gaps with FlexTax Professional and FlexTax Advisory.

Who we are

FlexTax Consulting is a flexible tax resourcing solution provider

What we do

We have the unique ability to identify the strengths and challenges experienced by each partner, ensuring that businesses are able to leverage on their strengths so that we can unleash the potential of the tax eco-system. 

Our mission

To bring greater efficiency and quality tax outcomes to clients.

Our Story

FlexTax Consulting believes that with increasing business and compliance pressures, there is a need for the tax industry to become more efficient. Today, tax professionals are unable to optimise their process and skillset due to a gap between the external technical experts and internal business partners.

Through the support network and training framework at Flextax Consulting, we bridge the gap that exists today due to the absence of training programs and network support to ensure that ensures that freelance/ contract tax professional’s technical excellence is maintained. 

From a resourcing standpoint, we aspire to take the tax industry into the future by empowering freelance / contract professionals within the workforce. All FlexTax consultants are guaranteed to provide high quality services to our clients. 

We believe that by identifying motivated and passionate candidates and providing them with the appropriate platform, we can ensure that talented professionals can add value to our clients in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our Process

Learn about how we select, train and find the best match between our candidates and our clients to ensure top-notch quality of our candidates.


Candidate Selection

Candidates are selected based on an interview process


Candidate Training

Candidates undergo a comprehensive professional training program to ensure that the FlexTax Professional is able to meet service expectations


Candidate Tiers

6 different FlexTax Professional Tiers with different hourly pay-out rates are available. Tiers are based on the candidate’s finance / tax experience, reliability and flexibility.

Clients will have the option for the FlexTax Professional’s work to be reviewed by a Senior Consultant.


Client Recommendation

Clients will receive a list of potential candidates (subject to the candidate’s agreement prior to submission to clients).

For lower tier professionals, a trial period will be offered to clients (this trial period will be sponsored by FlexTax Consulting so candidates will be paid during this period).

During the course of the assignment, FlexTax Professionals have ongoing access to senior level support.

After the service period, both parties will provide feedback and review opportunities for future collaboration.


Candidate’s Working Preference

Candidates will set their own preferences for the following areas:

  • Availability – Minimum 6 hours per day, 3 days a week with 1 month commitment
  • Rates – A candidate’s hourly rates will depend on their Tier level. Top Tier Professionals will receive full client charge out. However, there is a “mentoring obligation”. Referral opportunities to the FlexTax Advisory team also exists.
  • Location – Candidates can state their preferred working locations and clients will be matched based on this criteria

On-going Support

FlexTax Professionals are part of an on-going support and training network to ensure that consistent quality service is delivered.